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SOLFORCE Commercial Solar

The next best thing that people are considering doing to help the environment is making a solar power community. The concept of why you would want to be connected to other energy users is simple. If at your home you are collecting more solar power than you can use in one day, then why not sell it to someone who can also benefit from solar energy. This is what commercial solar power is doing for solar energy users. By connecting people who have energy to sell with people that want to buy, a connection is made to keep solar energy useful. Homes and businesses can both use the interconnection of a solar power community to make some money and help others out. Commercial solar power works because of solar power users being connected to the normal grid that supplies power to all the homes, businesses, and public areas. This grid will collect all the energy that is collected by one home's solar panels, and whatever that home does not use the grid will sell. Solforce want to help the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo areas to begin this adventure.

The government is very excited about the prospect of energy users sharing the responsibility of supplying energy. SOLFORCE knows that the more the grid becomes independent of fossil fuels and other energy resources, the more the environment and the world will benefit. There are great reasons to use commercial solar power, and the least of which is that you can possible make money selling your excess energy. Projections suggest that as America becomes more dependent on solar power that there will be less electrical failures. Whole grids can likely remain on the map for the coming centuries because there will not be any changes to the grid, just to the electricity that is in them. Help your community develop a commercial solar power plan, for your safety and for the world as a whole. People must decide if they are going to begin to revolutionize their home with solar power or wait for the government to step in and control things. It is certain that there will be change, and there are always benefits for being ahead of the game. If you already have solar power, consider becoming part of a commercial venture. It will help you out, and it will help other energy consumers to make green decisions.

SOLFORCE has the experience with government rebates and tax incentives that can save customers up to 50% on solar system installations. With over a decade of experience installing solar systems on all kinds of buildings, SOLFORCE has the skills to complete your project on time and on budget.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Available through 2116, this tax credit will reduce the cost of your solar system by 30%.

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California Solar Incentives

California is still offering substantial financial incentives for commercial solar electric installations. The funds for these rebates are limited and the only way to assure that your project can qualify for a rebate is to apply today.

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Start Saving with Solar Today

There has never been a better time to go solar in Santa Barbara or Ventura! SOLFORCE Systems not only uses cutting edge solar technology, but every installation is unique, as you can see from examples of our work. We are not a cookie-cutter franchise solar corporation; We are a local solar solutions provider that specializes in installing the right equipment to meet your needs. Each installation is integrated into the home for maximum aesthetics and performance. Plus, every project is personally inspected by CEO, John Abraham Powell, to make sure that your installation is done right, down to the very last detail.

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