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Is solar energy affordable?

Electric bills these days are more expensive, due to inefficient heating and cooling, than they have ever been before. Fortunately for many consumers, scientists are developing alternative forms of energy. There are several options that are in common use currently that you can use to lower you energy consumption. The best of all the options is solar panels. Santa Barbara solar energy from Solforce.com is one of the best ways to get the power bill that you want. You can find solar panels all over the country for affordable prices, and especially in California. Solar energy has a growing hold in sunny states like California. Santa Barbara solar energy can also serve those in Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo. Solforce.com can help you in your home to be more environmentally friendly. Solar energy helps the environment because it makes no emissions. There is no other fuel source that has absolutely no emissions. Solar energy is also completely renewable because it will not run out. The sun is one of the best places to get energy because it will likely never run out of power during the span of human development. Solar panels and their components can store up energy during the day and then use those power stores to power your residence during the day.

You can rely completely on solar energy or just supplement your power. Santa Barbara solar panels come in many shapes and sizes. They also range in price and affordability. For corporations buying large industrial size solar panels is an easy feat. The money that companies will save using solar energy will quickly make up the cost of the initial set up and purchase of the large solar panels. For people that are trying to save money in their homes you can buy a few solar panels for only a couple hundred dollars. The smaller models are more than adequate in the home and will work well to save the average family a great deal of money. In Santa Barbara solar energy is a growing trend even for everyday families that just want to spend less on their day to day expenses. Cost of purchasing solar panels as well as the cost of set up can set a family back a little, but they will easy make up that money through the year on electric bills. Solar energy is a great choice for helping out your bills and helping keep the environment clean and safe. You can make the choice to switch to electric energy.

In California there is a growing influx of people choosing solar energy over that of more traditional electricity. There are many good reasons that this is happening. Solar energy is a completely renewable resources that has the potential to power everything humans need energy for on Earth. Another reason is that solar energy is completely safe and clean for the environment. In Santa Barbara solar panels are being sold and installed in homes with great benefits. Solforce.com solar panels that are added to a residential home can help the owner cut the costs of their current electricity bill in half, and sometimes completely. Depending entirely on solar energy is a big jump, but as more people decide to go for the switch there are more opportunities for the average person to start. Solar energy has an interesting way of working with lights and all the components in day to day life. Santa Barbara solar panels should be able to work wonders and improve your life in your home saving you a lot of money on your electric bill. The initial investment may seem to be very expensive, but you will quickly regain the investment of solar panels through your electric bill.

Other than just the immediate benefits of lower energy costs and saving the environment with cleaner fuel, solar panels also have another bonus for users. The government, in an attempt to encourage eco-friendly behavior, is offering large tax credits to those citizens that decide to invest themselves in Solforce’s Santa Barbara solar panels also serving the Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo parts of California. You can receive these credits if you make the choice to switch off the grid and go solar. These credits will also help ease the financial burden of buying the solar panels and having them installed, which can be costly. Your choice to go solar can be the beginning of a new age. Solar panels are becoming more common and that means they are more able to be mass produced. Once they start heavily mass producing solar panels, the cost will go down. They then will be affordable for corporations all the way down to the casual homeowner. Hopefully America will start to see Santa Barbara solar panels as the way to go. There is no better way to begin a change in the country than to start with your own home.

Why jump on the solar bandwagon?

Solar energy is all the rage these days, and with good reason. It is a naturally occurring, clean, green source of energy that is free. Of course, this does not mean that there is no cost involved, as it is not free to harness it an convert it to useable energy, but no one has rights to the sun's energy, and therefore at its it base, solar energy is free.  Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, San Luis Obispo, and other areas in California have the ideal setting for using solar energy systems, but some are still hesitant for a number of reasons. While it does have its drawbacks, the benefits typically far outweigh the costs in the long run, and there are several mitigating factors that soften the blow of any of any drawbacks there may be. For example, while solar energy is extremely cheap, solar energy systems are not. The cost to have panels installed can be significant and often the initial financial outlay is enough to turn a potential user of solar energy off. However, there are incentives offered by the federal government and the state of California that can help reduce this cost drastically. Solforce will even handle all of the paperwork involved in claiming these for their customers to make the transition to solar energy as smooth and painless as possible.

While solar energy systems are great for the environment, and there are incentives available to help soften the blow of the initial investment, many are fearful of an interruption in service. They wonder what happens when direct sunlight is not available, since contrary to popular belief in other parts of the country, the sun does not always shine in California. The answer to this is a solar backup generator. While a reputable, professional installer such as Solforce will work hard to limit the need for backup with proper placement of solar panels to begin with, there are times when backup will be necessary. Solar backup generators offer support to solar energy systems without straying from the benefits of solar power. With proper placement, reduced cost, and solar backup, the return on investment from switching to solar power will be optimum, allowing the system to pay for itself many times over. It is easy to find a number of excuses to not make the switch, but SOLFORCE takes care of all the hard stuff, making it easier than ever to make the switch and do something good for the environment and your pocket book.

Does solar power save you money?

Most people think they cannot afford solar, but with a Solforce solar electric system, you can save money from day one.

If you are paying the electric company for electricity every month, you are renting electricity. Why not own your electricity and put that monthly payment back into your own pocket?

As a home owner, you recognize the value of paying a mortgage rather than paying rent. Instead of putting money in a landlord’s pocket each month, you chose to be your own landlord and keep that money.

Do the same with your electricity!  By financing a Solforce solar electric system with no money down, you can stop paying the electric company and instead, put the same monthly payment (or less in many cases) towards the ownership of your electricity. You can save money from day one and once you pay the system off, electricity will literally be free!

With Federal and State rebates, there has never been a better time to get a solar electric system. Other solar electricity dealers will try to get you to lease a solar electric system.

Solforce solar electric systems are not only more affordable, but they are the highest-efficiency systems you can get anywhere. The reason for this is that we use the most advanced technology available. Do not be fooled into waiting for a “more efficient” technology that is supposedly right around the corner. Solforce solar technology is reliable, proven technology that you can start using today. Every year you wait to install solar is one more year of renting electricity and throwing your money away.

If you are like us, you are considering solar not only for the cost savings but also because it’s good for the environment. Stop putting your money into carbon-based electricity when you have a cleaner and more affordable source of electricity now!

Is solar good for the environment?

Skip the messy fossil fuels and go right to the source! You can make all of the electricity you need each year with a solar electric system. When you go solar, you directly contribute to the fight against global warming, the emission of toxic pollutants and the destruction of the environment.  The best part is that you are investing in a near infinite resource. Unlike other fuels that we currently depend on, this one won’t run out for over a million years.

What are the benefits and pitfalls of a solar electric system

California has become a hotspot for solar power, with it becoming more widely available in areas such as Santa Ynez, Santa Maria, and more.  While the benefits of a solar electric system are inarguable, the pit falls must be addressed as well.  In general, most will agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs, and for the most part there are sufficient mitigating systems available to soften the blow of whatever pitfalls may exist.  The two largest benefits pretty much sell the idea of solar power themselves.  Of course using solar power is a huge help for the environment.  It is a natural, clean source of energy that is free of pollutants and can keep the Earth safe and healthy for thousands of years into the future.  More immediately however, is that fact that it can save thousands of dollars in electric bills over the course of a lifetime.  While a solar electric system may not completely eliminate the need for electric power from more traditional sources, it cannot be denied that the use of solar power drastically reduces the need for other sources of electricity when used properly.   There are few pitfalls that outweigh these undeniable benefits of solar power.

The pitfalls of installing a solar electric system are more personal in nature and scope, but they cannot be ignored or denied.  It can be expensive to have solar panels installed, although Solforce provides an affordable solution to your solar power needs. The initial investment is well worth the money and has the potential to pay for itself many times over, but the fact remains that the money must be available for that original financial outlay.  There are some incentives available that can drastically reduce the total cost of installation, including a federal tax incentive and a state rebate if you are in the state of California. The other major concern that many express when it comes to making the decision to switch to a solar electric system is power interruption.  While this is definite pitfall and a legitimate concern, there are many backup systems available, some even solar powered themselves, that allow for continuous service with no interruption.  Finding an installer that can explain and offer these types of systems as well as the base system is a great help and makes the whole process much easier.

What does solar energy cost?

The key question when it comes to whether or not to switch to solar energy is not "How much does it cost?" but rather, "What does it cost?" There is a difference, as solar energy cost includes more than just money. There is of course the initial financial cost of the installation of solar panels. This is significant and very often turns people off immediately. There is also the cost of comfort, as installation can interrupt daily routines for a time. Many also fear the cost of convenience as they are afraid service will be interrupted. This is a legitimate fear as of course the sun does not always shine. However, each of these costs can be reduced drastically, and even without reduction, the benefits received from using solar energy, or the cost of not using it, far outweighs solar energy cost. The initial financial investment required can be greatly reduced by claiming incentives offered by the federal government and the state of California. In Santa Ynez, Santa Maria, Lompoc, and surrounding areas, Solforce takes care of all of this for its customers. Power interruptions can be reduced by proper placement of panels for optimum efficiency, and for those times when backup is needed, Solforce also offers solar backup generators.

Solar energy cost after the initial cost of installation is much, much lower than traditional sources of electricity. This results in thousands in saving in electric bills over the course of a lifetime. When looked at from this angle, the financial cost of not using solar energy is far more than the cost of using it. There are also the environmental costs to consider. Solar energy cost to the environment is nothing, in contrast to the negative environmental impact of more common energy sources. Solforce aims to improve the environment one home at a time by bringing solar power to the Santa Barbara area in the most effective and efficient means possible. Excellent customer service is the main way this is done, as it is well known that satisfied customers send their friends. With a professional consultation on the front end and aid in claiming incentives to reduce the initial investment in the end, Solforce reduced the cost of solar energy as much as possible. This has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating that proves the excellent customer service and top notch work makes for a winning combination. The decision to switch to solar power is a decision not only to save your pocket book, but to save the world as well.

Basic solar energy equipment and where to get it

In Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas, including Lompoc and San Luis Obispo, solar power is becoming more and more popular. There is some basic equipment involved, and it can be difficult to determine the best place to purchase equipment. Ideally, solar energy equipment will be purchased from a retailer that also offers custom installation as well as continuing customer service. Solforce not only offers top of the line solar panels and backup generators, they also offer top notch customer service. This includes an onsite consultation to determine the most cost effective placement of all equipment and what, if any, additional equipment may be needed. While this may seem like a small thing, it is in fact quite a big deal, as improper placement of solar energy equipment such as solar panels can lead to interrupted service, which can reduce the return on investment. Solforce also handles all of the paperwork necessary to claim state and federal incentives for installing solar power to further insure customers receive the full financial benefits that go along with making the environmentally responsible choice to switch to solar power. For some, it can be helpful to understand how the basic equipment involved works.

The most basic piece of solar energy equipment is the solar panel. These are special panels that are typically installed on the roof of a building that harnesses solar power to allow it to be converted to electricity. There is other equipment involved in this conversion process that allows the energy from the sun to be used as electricity in homes on a daily basis. Other equipment may be necessary to provide backup and prevent an interruption in service in the case of an extended time without direct sunlight. While it is possible to use traditional sources of electricity for backup, there is a basic piece of solar energy equipment that can be used without straying from the use of solar energy. This is the solar backup generator. This type of generator stores solar energy until it is needed, and expends it only when prompted, such as in the case of an interruption in the base solar electric supply. While it is definitely a costly decision in the beginning, as the equipment required to switch to a solar powered home is costly, it is a decision that pays for itself many times over throughout the course of a lifetime. Top of the line solar panels, solar backup generators, and custom installation are all available from SOLFORCE.

How to reduce the hassle of switching to solar power

Though solar power is becoming more popular, many are still hesitant to actually take the plunge and switch to using solar energy in their homes.; One drawback is that they simply do not want to go through the hassle of having solar panels installed, while others feel that they cannot afford the initial cost.; However, there are a number of incentives available to those in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Ventura, and the entire state of California for that matter that can significantly reduce the cost of solar installation.;; These include a federal tax credit as well as a state rebate.; Along with the major monthly savings on the electric bill, this makes it much easier to quickly see a profitable return on investment when switching to solar power.; Many are concerned with the red tape involved with claiming these incentives, but a reputable installer of solar panels with handle all of that for you,; from permits to rebate applications and tax credit forms, they will make sure you get the maximum financial benefit from your decision.; While solar installation can seem like a hassle at first, finding a professional, supportive installer goes a long way in making the transition as smooth as possible.

The decision to switch to solar power invariably raises the question about power interruption.;; What happens when the sun goes down?; What happens when it rains or is cloudy for several days?; This is where finding a great company to install your solar panels becomes very important again.; Companies such as Solforce not only offer top notch solar backup generators, they also do a thorough solar energy evaluation before solar installation ever happens.; This includes surveying the site and your home in order to make a decision on the best solar energy system for the individual area, including the best placement for panels to receive the optimum savings monthly.; This ensures that not only you receive the highest monthly savings possible, that that reliance on a backup power source is kept to a minimum.; Solar installation is a big decision, and it is important to have someone on your side to walk you through the process and make sure that your best interests are met every step of the way.; From consultation to claiming incentives to any future needs, Solforce is there for you to make sure you get the most from your decision to do something great for the environment and save some money at the same time.

How much to spend?

There are several people who think that the purchase and installation of solar panels are beyond their means. These people do not know that there are many options for solar panels that could only set them back a few hundred dollars. The cost of solar panels is very dependent on the model and make of the solar panel. There are four main kinds of solar panels that are in production. Each has a different purpose and works best for different situations and all can be found at SOLFORCE.com. Solar panel cost depends on what you choose to use inside of your home or business. The first option is probably the most expensive, and even the installation can be very costly. These solar panels are the roof tiles. They need to be placed on the roof on top of the existing roof tiles. These panels need to be installed by a professional that specialize in solar panels. It is easy to see why solar panel cost can be quite expensive. However these panels are also the most efficient way to bring solar energy into your home and you can buy them at SOLFORCE. SOLFORCE serves the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo areas of California.

The second kind of solar panel is called roof mounted panels. These panels are just a little less expensive than roof tiles, but installation can be done much cheaper, so you do save money. The solar panel cost is only determined by what it takes to buy and install each of these panels into your home. The roof mounted panel will actually save you money because they protect your roof from the weather. The third option you have for purchasing solar panels is probably the best one for average sized homes. The solar patio cover is mounted anywhere you would like to put it, making sure to maximize the sunlight that will be collected. An added benefit of this kind of solar panel, cost aside, is that wherever you put it you will have natural shade added to your home. You can actually set up a deck with these above it to get great shade. The final choice for solar panel is ground mounted panels. These panels are stationary and do not follow the sun through the sky. They are more for commercial businesses that need to generate a great deal of energy. The only reason to install them in a residential place is if you have too much unused land.

What to look for in a solar panel installer

Solar power is becoming much more popular in Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, and the surrounding areas. While the decision to switch to solar power is a great and honorable one, it is not one to be taken lightly. Once the initial decision is made, the first step is to find a solar panel installer. This is a huge undertaking in itself, but there are several things to look for that can make finding the right one much easier. The first thing to look for is someone who cares about getting you the best value for your money. This is evidenced by the fact that they do not automatically try to sell you their most expensive panel package or any package for that matter without first doing a consultation visit. Solforce makes a site visit before ever discussing how many panels will be needed and where they will be placed. Once the solar panel installer has seen the home and surrounding area, they can better make a suggestion as to the placement and number of panels that will be the most cost effective. This kind of care shows that they have the customer’s best interests at heart and aim to make sure that all their customers are satisfied with their decision and happy with the service they receive.

Cost and efficiency are two major issues when it comes to making the switch to solar power. Many people express worry about the initial cost, as well as what will happen if they need a backup source of energy. There are several incentives that can help drastically reduce initial investment required in having solar panels installed, but the red tape involved with claiming the federal tax credit and state rebate turns a lot of people off. A great solar panel installer will take care of all of this for their customers. This relieves a lot of the stress involved with switching to solar power. The worry about power interruption is a legitimate one. How will the lights stay on and the refrigerator stay cold when the sun is not out? Finding a solar panel installer that has backup sources available as well is a great help, as it eliminates the necessity to look for solar backup elsewhere. Solforce reduces the need for backup as much as possible by strategically placing panels during installation. However, they know that backup is sometimes necessary, so they offer solar generators for those times.

How does solar power benefit me?

For every choice that someone makes there are always consequences, both good and bad. Those good consequences, called benefits, determine more so than negative consequences what a person will do. You can consider the option to switch to solar energy as one of these choices. There are many solar power benefits that can help you to make the switch to solar energy. The number one reason that anyone should consider switching is for the environment. Our world is the most important resources that we have, and our practices need to reflect that. Too many of the other energy sources out there cause issues to the atmosphere and to the air. Pollution levels in the big cities are ridiculous, so any change that will reduce those effects is great. Also instead of drilling, mining, and digging for fossil fuels deposits deep in the earth, people can collect energy from the sky. Solar power benefits everyone, even those who do not use it, but there are other added benefits that you only get by using solar power. Those benefits are financial, economic, and mental; you can find them all at SOLFORCE.

The financial solar power benefits come in many shapes and sizes. The most basic of them is that you will be able to function off of regular power, and your power bill will be a lot less than typical. If you can power your house and even keep it cool in the summer simply with sunlight, then imagine the smaller amount on your electric bill. It is hard to go completely independent of the power company. If you have a way to store energy that you collect during the day, for the night then you should be able to completely reduce your bill to nothing. Also there are financial tax deductions that you should be aware of when deciding to switch over to solar power. Solar power benefits the people that use it in an economic way because the world will be changing as fossil fuels grow scarcer. There are also ways for a person on solar power to connect to the current power grid and sell their excess energy to those who want it. Finally the simplest result of choosing to use solar power is a mental peace of mind. Find peace of mind with SOLFORCE, serving the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo parts of California.

Where do energy retailers fit in?

Many power companies have only one thing on their minds, and that is making money. Solar power companies are different because they care about more than just the bottom line. They do care if they are making a profit, but they also put the environment and their customers first. The environment matters very much to these companies because it is the foundation of their business. All the customers of a company that deals in solar power will be dedicated to helping reduce emissions and limit the consumption of fossil fuels. Having such a devotion to helping the world is what is making alternative energy development more widespread and accepted. Solar power companies know that one day the supply of fossil fuels will run low and there will need to be cheaper alternatives. If you are thinking about signing up with a solar power company to get renewable energy, then you should look into it while the companies are still small. You may get the most competitive prices on the market if you do not hesitate to make the change. Power companies are working to follow in the footsteps of solar power pioneers, but only entirely new companies can offer 100% solar energy to all of their consumers.

Actually many companies are expanding to all sorts of renewable resources, whether it is wind power or something else. Solar is by far the easiest to maintain of all the options because there are no parts of the solar panel that move or need a lot of maintenance. Even windmills which are relatively simple mechanically have moving parts that can break and cause issues for solar power companies. Solar energy is a great option for those that want to feel like they matter to their power company. Because there are not as many people who are using solar energy, and all the ones that are have chosen it for themselves, solar power companies know that their customers matter. It really helps solar power suppliers that they know their customers are as dedicated to helping the environment and supporting the changes in power as they are. Energy will not be the same as it was in times past, and solar companies are some of the people that have caused that to happen. The power of the sun is a great resource that can be utilized time and time again with no ill effects. Choosing solar power is a great choice and should be made at SOLFORCE if you live in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria, Goleta, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo parts of California.

Start Saving with Solar Today

There has never been a better time to go solar in Santa Barbara or Ventura! SOLFORCE Systems not only uses cutting edge solar technology, but every installation is unique, as you can see from examples of our work. We are not a cookie-cutter franchise solar corporation; We are a local solar solutions provider that specializes in installing the right equipment to meet your needs. Each installation is integrated into the home for maximum aesthetics and performance. Plus, every project is personally inspected by CEO, John Abraham Powell, to make sure that your installation is done right, down to the very last detail.

Benefits of Solar Power