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SOLFORCE to Unveil Solar Powered Carport at Earth Day

SOLFORCE Supergola

You are an environmentalist.

You proved it by buying an electric car which zooms around in near silence and emits nothing into the atmosphere. You put your money where your gas tank used to be, you have done a great green job. But wait, you still have to charge that car up, right? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where that electricity comes from? Maybe you have, but what can you do about it? Get a solar powered carport, that’s what.  The new solar carport being offered by SOLFORCE will allow you to fuel your electric car at home with the power of the sun. The Supergola solar structures are capable of producing up to 18,000 Watts, enough to power 5 cars or 4 homes. So you’re thinking they sound cool, but you don’t have an electric car. No problem, the Supergola is also a fully customizable patio cover that will pay your electricity bills. Ground mounted solar structures receive expedited permitting, so once you decide to buy one, it can be installed immediately. The Supergola is a beautiful, customizable art piece made of steel and designed by local artist and welder David Shelton. They do all of this while preventing the emission of greenhouse gasses and toxic pollutants into the atmosphere.

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